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Inline Skating Wheels - How to choose the correct wheels for your skates?

Congratulation! So you finally found your pair of perfect skates after reading our previous post. You began to fall in love with inline skating, you practice hard and long everyday. Before you know it, you realised that your wheels became smaller in size. You decided to get them replaced. In this article we will help you select the best wheels for your inline skates.


The size wheels which is measure in millimetres(mm) and in general bigger wheels are faster as each stride/push has a longer roll thus creating more speed. Check out the chart below for more info:

Q: So why do aggressive skaters pick such small wheels?

A: The smaller wheels offers a lower centre of gravity which give the skater more stability and manoeuvrability.


It is measured in in the range of 68A - 90A and the higher the number the harder the wheel. The grip is better on softer wheels but the speed is faster on the harder wheels. Hockey skaters prefer softer wheels as it provides better grip during manoeuvrability, sharp turning and provide quicker starts and stops.

Q: Which wheels hardness will last longer?

A: Softer wheels usually wear off faster.


The easiest way to visualise the profile is the shape of the wheel. A flat profile gives maximum stability whereas a "bullet" or elliptical profile gives maximum speed. As for a mixture of stability and speed, choose a wheel with a round profile.

So theses are the 3 main characteristic of skating wheels. It is also important to know the maximum wheels size your frame can fit before you source for replacement. Normally if you purchased a pair of skates that came with 80mm wheels, that is usually the maximum wheel size the frame can fit.

I really hope you find this article helpful. Let me know also if you have any other questions.



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